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Our facility and foster home in Rutledge GA also fosters dogs for other rescues including:

  • MUSH Rescue for Siberian Huskies
  • Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta
  • Friends of Dekalb Animals
  • Boston Terrier Rescue East Tennessee

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Adoption Process

We are so excited you are considering adding a furry friend to your family! We can’t wait to work with you and find the perfect match!

All our adoptions follow the same process. First, please complete an adoption application. If you already have your eye on a specific baby, you can write their name in on the form, if not, don’t worry we will help make the perfect match for you. Please remember that just because you write a dog’s name in, that it is not a guarantee that dog will be available. If we have multiple applicants on a dog we will be looking for the best fit for that dog, but don’t worry we will help you!

Applications specific to a puppy should be aware that puppies are uncommon in rescue and typically our adopters are approved for a minimum of 8 months before a puppy becomes available.

After you complete the adoption application we will email you to let you know it has been received. A volunteer will begin processing the application which consists of: verifying information, completing a vet reference, and lastly a home visit to be approved.

Please note:

We are so excited to have you apply & work with you to find the perfect match for your family. We have just a few things we’d like to share with you before you put in your application.

First, we are a very small rescue. That means, we only have a few dogs at a time. Second, we often take on special needs dogs. That means, that of the dogs in our care, many of them are not what’s considered “desirable” by most adopters. These dogs also tend to stay in rescue longer (or even forever, like our Senior Sweethearts). We are called to help senior dogs, dogs with medical trauma, dogs with anxiety & fear, and many other special needs including hospice care. That is not to say that we don’t have highly adoptable dogs, because we do! We get dogs that need nothing more than a little time for us to get to know them so we can place them in the right fit family! Lastly, we are very lucky to have a large social media presence, really truly lucky because without the support of so many we wouldn’t be able to help those dogs that need it the most. However, it does mean that we often have many more GREAT applications than desirable adoptable dogs at any given time. Many applicants will be on a waiting list once they are approved.  

Thanks for listening & for your support!


Adoption Fees:

Adoption fees follow the schedule below.

Purebred Dogs-

  • 0-12 months = $375
  • 1-3 years = $350
  • 3-8 years = $275
  • 8+ years = $150

Mix Breed Dogs –

  • 0-12 months = $250
  •  1-3 years = $225
  •  3-8 years = $175
  •  8+ years = $100

Common Questions:

How long does it take?

Applications take on average 1-2 weeks to complete. Please remember we are all volunteers. A great way to speed this up is to let your vet know we are calling as some won’t release information without your consent. Also, double check the phone numbers. addresses, and emails you provide. Applications specific to a puppy should be aware that puppies are uncommon in rescue and typically our adopters are approved for a minimum of 8 months before a puppy becomes available.

Why do you ask so many questions?

Dogs coming from our rescue have ended up with us because someone along the way failed them. Our commitment is to the dogs, and we want to make sure to get the right match. Maybe you have your heart set on Fluffy, but Fluffy is terrified of elevators and you live on the 12th floor of a condo building. Fluffy might not be the right dog for you, but with all the information we have we can show you some other matches that might be just what you are looking for!

What happens if the dog I want is adopted?

Don’t worry! The right match is out there for you and we will help you consider other possibilities that meet your needs.

Why should I apply if I don’t see the right dog yet?

If you are looking to adopt a “highly desirable” dog we suggest getting pre-approved. Dogs that are young (under 3, and especially puppies), female, very small (under 15 lbs), etc usually have a lot of interest. If the dog you are looking for fits any of those characteristics, we recommend getting on the approved list now. When the dog you are looking for pops up you can let us know immediately to be first to be considered.

What vaccines and vetting are included?

Every dog that is adopted through The Rescue Ranch Pups is fully vaccinated with a rabies vaccine & DHPPC vaccine, and spayed or neutered. They are also microchipped. The microchip will be transferred to you when you adopt. The Rescue Ranch will remain an emergency contact giving you an extra layer of protection. Our dogs have seen a vet to ensure they are healthy and ready for adoption, however we cannot guarantee their health after adoption.

What happens if I can’t keep the dog I’ve adopted from the Rescue Ranch?

All dogs who pass through the Rescue Ranch Pups receive a “Lifetime Membership” to rescue. That means that EVER in the life of that dog something happens and the adoptive family can no longer care for the dog; the Rescue Ranch will accept the dog back into the Rescue. Our commitment is always to the dog, for the life of the dog.

Partner Rescues:

Our facility and foster home in Rutledge GA also fosters dogs for other rescues including:

  • MUSH Rescue for Siberian Huskies
  • Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta
  • Friends of Dekalb Animals

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10 thoughts on “Adopt!

  1. Just filled out an application with you. We lost our older Westie, MacDuff, on November 3rd, and would like a new friend to complete the family. We are not in a hurry to do so, but wanted to have an application on file in case the right dog should come along. We do, however, really like Hamilton Bigensly! (My husband loves the brindles…he had a boxer when we first got married.) We also love his story. I am a professional pet groomer (going on 19 years) and take my dog Angus to work with me. It would not be a problem to also take whoever may join our family. My reference Karon is my boss so you can verify this. We do have a doggy door at home. We would like a furby that enjoys car rides, walks, other dogs (no cats!), still playful, older but not a senior (maybe from 2 years up to about 7 or 8 years old). We were home checked by Bandit’s Buddies when we adopted MacDuff in February of 2010. Sadly he lost his battle with Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) and was at least 10 plus years young. We would be able to drive out to the ranch with Angus to meet any prospective family member on weekends. Dawn

  2. We met at the Pet Expo. I’m in a power wheelchair and my dog is a pug/Boston mix named Bella. She is a wonderful therapy dog. As of this week she has had more than 275 therapy dog visits! I’m looking for another female pug/Boston mix. This type of dog has the most wonderful temperament for therapy dog work. I know I am being specific but I’m in no hurry. Good things are worth the wait!

  3. I have filled out the application and I hope you have received it. I don’t know how to explain this, because it sounds like we are crazy, but we have fallen in love with Stuart! I work at a vet’s office so you know he would continue to have the best care. I know you are all volunteers and there is lots to do with not a lot of time, so I hope I don’t sound pushy. Please feel free to call with any questions! 843-513-9953. Thank you so much! Please give Stuart kisses from the Tanner family!

  4. I just saw Gator on facebook. I would love to have that little bundle of joy. We still have our 14 year old Gidget (Boston) and want a puppy to start training and enjoying our camping trips.
    I am already approved and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for being there for the adorable breed of special children.

  5. I wanted to get more information on Ladybugg’s babies. When will they be available for adoption? Thanks!

    • We do not ship dogs, all adopters must come in person to pick up their dog.

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