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Thank you so much for donating! Please choose the donation option that is right for you! We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, meaning your donation is tax deductible.

Consider making your donation a monthly gift by selecting, Make This Recurring (Monthly) on the PayPal screen!



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You can also donate items directly through our Amazon Wish List:

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A little about your donation options:

General Donations: Donations made here are used for general expenses, primarily vetting the dogs in our care, preventatives, etc.

Sponsor a Dog: Here you can choose a specific dog to receive the funds. This is a great option for our dogs who have ongoing expenses, require daily medications, special diet, etc. Any extra funds raised beyond the needs of that dog will be put towards the general medical care of the dogs in rescue.

Rescue Ranch: Donations here go towards our facility in Rutledge GA. They help pay the electric bills, cleaning supplies, and on going building maintenance. Any extra funds raised will be put towards the general medical care of the dogs in rescue.

6 thoughts on “Donate!

  1. would like to donate 3 out of four of my pets are resucue please send a text to 845 706 5285 with information

  2. I love yall and what yall are doing so very much. I just donated and couldn’t find a place on the PayPal screen to make it a recurring monthly payment. I would love to donate monthly. Thank you guys for everything you do!

  3. Hi

    I would like to make a donation in honor of a friends Boston who just passed. Do you guys do that where they would get a notice that a donation was made?

  4. Do you accept PayPal ? If so please send me information. I would like to make a one time donation in memory of Maggie our three year old Boston who we lost to a sudden medical emergency.

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