Meet Pop

A Boston Terrier Living with Cerebellar Hypoplaysia

Pop is a young guy, celebrating his first birthday in July of this year. He’s smart, funny, and energetic, all the things we love Bostons for. He loves to meet new people, have new experiences, and go new places. Good thing too, since we see lots of that in his future.

Pop was originally surrendered to another Boston Terrier Rescue when his original owner was not prepared to handle him. Thanks to the connections and relationships we have built with our fellow rescuers, the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. was able to contact us knowing we would be able to get Pop (formerly known as Forest) the specialized care that he needs. This is where you come in (keep reading).

Pop has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplaysia.

Basically, Pop is unable to control his muscle functions. His limbs spasm and he cannot stand or walk. The good news is that his brain is still there. He eats, drinks, loves toys, snuggles, gives kisses and is generally a really happy guy.

In other good news, his condition is not degenerative and won’t get worse! Plus, there is a lot of research showing positive effects of physical therapies!

Pop has seen the specialists at UGA and is working with their physical therapists. We’ll need your help with Pop’s ongoing medical care as an MRI is likely in his future.

Today, not only can he eat and drink out of a bowl, he navigates food puzzles to get his food! He’s learned to chew on and LOVES bully sticks, trachea, Kongs, and every other chewy we’ve introduced him too! He can even hold them steady with his paws! Pop can change position on his own, confidently and in controlled manner changing which side he lays on, sitting up, and laying on his chest with his feet under him. With assistance, he can move him self from a lay, to a sit, to a stand. He’s WALKING with the assistance of a harness and his four wheeled wheelchair!

He swims at Physical Therapy! It took weeks of therapy, but now Pop swims! He can even do very short distances on his own! 

Your donations have helped Pop make so much progress! We’ll be continuing with physical therapy and can’t wait to see how far he can go!

Please consider making a donation in his name!

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