Saving Kai

Kai is a sweet 3 year old Boston Terrier who was rescued by the Rescue Ranch with a severe wound on his neck from a larger animal.  His owner surrendered Kai to animal control after realizing he had been missing for several days and found him hiding under a shed.

Kai was rescued on August 4th 2017 with a massive neck wound. The wound had been allowed to fester for days and maggots had to be cleaned out of it. He was hospitalized for nearly a month. Weeks of bandage changes, betadine and sugar scrubs, and a surgery to trim off necrotic skin healed Kai’s neck until just a tiny scar remains.

Next he needed to be neutered and have his cherry eye repaired. Kai’s cherry eye had been left untreated for so long that it was very large and required multiple surgeries to repair. The a series of eye ulcers needed treatment also. Poor Kai wore a cone of shame for weeks!

After all that Kai was finally well enough to undergo heartworm treatment. Again, his history of neglect played a part and Kai struggled through treatment developing pneumonia and needing rounds of steroids and Lasix. Treatment had to be delayed twice for additional medications.

Through all of that we’ve worked with Kai on resource guarding food. Kai’s worked with multiple volunteers and had private sessions with our trainer. He’s made incredible progress.

Thousands of you have watched Kai’s progress and now we need your help.

Kai is now ready for a family to call his own. Please share him with everyone you know. 

Here’s what Kai needs in a home:
1. No other pets (while Kai does well with the other dogs here, his resource guarding could be a problem with other dogs and he does not like cats)
2. A fenced yard (Kai does well on a leash, but loves to run free and play with toys and isn’t a dog park kind of dog)
3. Parents who’ve had dogs before
4. Parents who will commit to a minimum 6 week training class with a certified positive reinforcement trainer (this will be in lieu of paying an adoption fee)
5. No children under 13 years old (due to his resource guarding)
6. A family willing to drive to Rutledge GA to meet Kai
7. A family that loves to snuggle. Kai gives great hugs

Can you help us find Kai his happily ever after? He’s ready.


More of Kai’s photos and a log of early updates during his hospitalization can be found here.

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