Help A Rescued Dog Get Ready for Forever!

Here you can find the dogs in our care who aren’t adoptable (seniors, chronically ill, etc), or just aren’t quite ready to be adopted yet. Click their photo, read their story, and consider becoming their sponsor to cover part of their vet care!

Click Here to View Dogs Available for Sponsorship

3 thoughts on “Sponsor!

  1. I’ve just made a small donation and was not able to designate the dog I want to help. It is the pug. I have one of my own who came from the pound; she suffers from so very many allergies so we feel his pain.

  2. Renea and Courtney , I would like to talk w u guys about fostering Bonsai. I would like for him to meet Dixie, my rescue boxer. She is really sweet , very timid and kind of ascared of any big dogs . She does really well w small dogs. She was left by her owner at a house th a t one of my family members moved into. They would have kept her but they had a male Shepard and she was so scared of him.

  3. Please put this donation toward Kai’s vet bills. Thank you SO much for helping him, and for all that you do. I know that I speak for MANY people and animals when I tell you how very grateful I am that you are here!! XoXo

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