“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

The dream of the Rescue Ranch was born after working on a hoarding case in August of 2011. That case involved 35 dogs (Bostons, Pugs, & “Buggs”). It took the Rescues just 6 days to coordinate transportation and foster homes for all the dogs. The dogs had to wait in a non climate controlled crowded animal control facility packed 6-8 dogs per kennel. None of these dogs had ever had any vaccinations, they were hairless from demodex mange, covered in fleas, and very ill. There were about 5 nursing moms with their babies as well. Six days was too long for them wait in animal control, and more than half contracted Parvo and were too ill to fight it off and died. Since then we have worked with quite a few animal hoarding and cruelty cases and breeder “dumps” often with similar results.

Boston Terriers cannot maintain their body temperature well with their short noses, so a stay in a non air conditioned shelter in the heat of a southern summer is a death sentence, causing heat stroke and seizures. The dogs involved in these cases have often never been outdoors, they have had no vaccinations, they have medical issues that need immediate attention and animal control isn’t a safe place for them. Not to mention that animal control is ALWAYS full and often these dogs are subject to be euthanized immediately. Rescue is often willing to take them in, but where do you put 35 dogs at one time while you coordinate transport & foster homes? 

We realized we needed to do something! We had to do more than just foster, and raise awareness, and get our foster dogs adopted out. So, we started looking for land where we could build a facility to be an emergency short term shelter. In October of 2012 we found the site of the “The Rescue Ranch”. It’s 11 acres in Rutledge GA. We renovated the farm house on the property where Renee and I live and started the shelter building in August.

The building has 17 indoor kennels each with their own outdoor run, a dog wash room and laundry room, storage room, restroom, office, and veterinary exam room. It also has two large fenced yards one for outdoor group play and smaller space for meet and greets with potential adopters. We also have a private fenced yard for dogs who need their own play space. There is also a memorial garden for pets that have passed.

The dream is evolved once again as we founded the Rescue Ranch Pups and received our 501(c)3 non profit organization designation. We seek to be a positive force in animal rescue focusing on Boston Terriers & other short nosed breeds in need. The mission of Rescue Ranch Pups is to get these dogs into safety, make them well and whole, and find loving forever homes.